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Breathe with Gus (online)

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Breathe Better (Nov Group - - Four Week Course)

Tuesday 6.40 - 7.40pm @ The Hideout, Bristol


My Mission

I used to follow the work-hard, play-hard mantra and naturally my physical and mental health suffered accordingly. Taking a BIG step back I realised my happiest times were when free-diving. But why?

It was all about the breath and the effect this and the cold water immersion had on my body and mind. I researched all I could about their physiological and psychological effects on our wellbeing. The results blew me away and turned my life around.

Cold water and ice baths did wonders for my nervous and immune systems, and helped by regain strength and a grounded contentment, full of confidence and possibility. So I decided to help others do the same, and have since become a fully qualified Wim Hof & Oxygen Advantage Instructor. 

I am able to help you reach your potential. Whether your goals are those of greater focus, better sleep and a more balanced life, or if you’re a professional athlete chasing that extra 1%, I can help! Everyone is different and our approach is tailored accordingly.


Wim Hof Method

Modern life rarely allows us to live the lives our bodies evolved for.

We face unrelenting micro and macro stressor which puts us in a state of constant alert or ‘stress’. Unchecked, this can become extremely harmful and cause many illnesses.

But there’s an easy solution. We can shock our body’s wiring back into balance. By tapping into physiological reactions which are hundreds of thousands of years old, we can learn to consciously control this stress.

The Wim Hof Method employs breathwork, mental focus, and extreme cold-immersion to reboot our body and mind.

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Gus Hoyt

Gus is a trained Wim Hof and Oxygen Advantage Advanced Instructor and Conscious Breathwork Coach. He has been playing and experimenting with this practice and meditations for the past 20 years.

Gus first became interested in the health benefits of breathwork, cold exposure and meditation as a free-diver off the Dorset coast – an activity that opened the door to a new world and perspective on life.

Since then he has pursued many careers around the world mostly as a professional chef, as an internationally acclaimed environmental campaigner and serving as an elected city representative on the local, national and international stage. He also spent a year working as a cowboy in the mountains of Colorado.

Gus studied psychology and philosophy at University and advanced physiology as part of his Paramedic training in Colorado, before returning to the UK.

Programs Offered


Wim Hof Fundamentals Workshop

Whether you want to start or scale-up your daily practice or simply have an amazing experience, a Wim Hof Fundamentals Workshop will deliver!

  • Better Sleep
  • Beat Stress, build a more positive feeling about life
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Reconnect with your body and mind.

Join me to discuss the wider benefits of the Wim Hof Method. We’ll cover the basic science behind the Method and go into as much depth as the group prefers.  am always available hours, days and weeks afterwards for questions!

One on One

If you have a specific need or goal with your breathwork I can help.

  • More energy
  • Increased focus
  • Better sleep
  • Covid recovery
  • Improved sports performance and recovery
  • Tackling stress and anxiety

We’ll develop a program which both works for you and can fit in your everyday lifestyle – no matter how busy you are.

Sessions are ideally done in person, but Zoom works too.

Guided group breathwork

The benefits of breathing and connecting in a group are phenomenal and have to be experienced to be believed.

Luckily it also works remotely, although to a lesser degree. As with much of life in these days, our classes and sessions have moved online.

Each has a different focus each, will always be restorative, and include a mini-meditation, to leave you feeling refreshed, calm, focused, happier and more balanced.

Retreats and Workshops

Currently on hold, these beautiful and simple retreats and workshops vary in content and length, from fun half-day gatherings to a full weekend deep-dive.

The main types are:

  • Introduction to Breathwork / finding your breath
  • Connecting to your mind-body through conscious breath
  • Breath and Ice experience – diving into strong yogic breathwork and extreme cold exposure
  • Full nature retreats. These breathworks and cold-exposure retreats encompass all aspects of holistic health and each one is tailor made and set in a beautiful natural surrounding.

Benefits of Breathwork

The benefits of conscious breathwork have been known for thousands of years, yet it is only really in the past couple of decades that medical science has reinforced what was already understood. These scientific proofs have been critical to breathwork’s growth in respectability and popularity.

At a basic level, respiration is essential for survival, we require the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide to break-down glucose in our cells and give us the energy to live. Without his we would soon slow, stop and the pass-away. 

However, despite millennia of yogis and decades of scientific literature, many of us still aren’t getting the full potential from the air we breathe. 

Training our respiratory systems to help us breathe better and more efficiently in turn helps train the cardio-vascular system, unlocking a healthier, happier and stronger life.

We can also control our autonomic nervous system. This is the rest and digest and fight and flight responses. We can control our body through our breathing to either stimulate or suppress each of these responses, giving us exactly what we need.

The modern world requires of us a huge number of small decisions. The stress of these choices – especially in the context of an underlying anxiety like money or relationship worries – can leave us drained; unchecked it can develop into chronic health issues. It is a contributing cause of the rising levels of anxiety, panic attacks, chronic stress and depression.

With correct training can use these tools to maximise our lives and live a balanced and supercharged existence.

Benefits of Cold Exposure

The benefits of cold exposure have long been lauded and like with conscious breathwork, have recently been reinforced with scientific investigation.

As anyone who has taken a cold shower or jumped into a cold sea or river will know – it really snaps you right to the moment of NOW! This is a primal trigger to the body which, suddenly placed in a ‘dangerous’ environment, triggers a set of very beneficial responses: increased focus, mental clarity, energy, as well as a nice adrenalin kick. It lifts our mood for many hours afterwards.

In our workshops we delve deeper into the physiological and psychological aspects of cold exposure and explore the wider benefits in more detail. They also include the biggest challenge of all – a full ice-bath. You will re-define what you thought was possible and snap yourself into a wonderfully energised sense of well-being.

It takes a lot to start a regular cold-water routine, here’s some handy tips and advice on how to continue you own self-practice:


  • Ice bathing or submersion demands respect – extreme cold exposure should only be done in a safe and observed location and only after you are fully able to handle normal cold water exposure. It is recommended to be guided by a trained professional for your first time.
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